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10 Things to bring as a Paint Party Host

Posted by Jamie Connor on

You are excited about your paint party coming up and you now you have to gather your supplies. Here are 10 things you need to bring to your event. 

1. Canvas - always bring a few extra over the expected amount (Don't forget your example canvas that is already done)

2. Paint brushes of different sizes for each person (hopefully glittery paint brushes from www.thepaintbrushlady.com) ;-) 

3. Paint - Bring all the colors that are needed for your design but bring all the colors in case someone wants to change it up a bit

4. Table Cloths - cover all the surfaces in case of spills   

5. Water Cups and Rags or paper towels 

6. Paper plates for paint (bring extras always) 

7. Music Source - speaker, restaurant radio ect. Something up beat

8. Hair Dryer - For making their paint dry faster so you can move on.

9. Easels - This isn't mandatory. You can skip this step to save on money

10. Business Cards - place business cards on every seat so they can remember who they had a great night with. Always email your guests back a couple of days later and thank them again for coming. 


These are just a few of the things that you will bring to a paint party as a host. What are your go-to items that you will bring to your party? What did I miss? 


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