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Outline of your pet hoodie - Custom Clothing

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Custom Pet Portrait outlines of your fur baby on the hoodie. You pick the color from the options listed in the images and pick your size. This is a preorder listing and sweatshirts will be made and shipped within a couple of weeks. 

Your hoodie will have a custom outline portrait in black vinyl. You will also have a cute name in vinyl on the right hand sleeve so you get to remember your adorable fur baby all day long! 

After you pick your hoodie size with the appropriate pet amount, you will be directed to upload an image of your pet you would like and name your pet. In the name slot, also add the number of color you want your sweatshirt in. For example, Name: Max #1 (you will get Max and his portrait outline on the heather red hoodie) 

This can be a gift as well and sent to the recipient. 

If it's multiple pets, pick the correct pet amount.