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Grey Synthetic Miniature Brush Set 8 pcs - Then select glitter color

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Are you a nail tech that would love to stand out as you are creating your process videos on your clients nails? These mini nail brushes are perfect to stop the scroll. Pick a plain set or add your favorite colored glitter to make them pop. I know I would stop to watch your video and then ask you where you got your brushes. Do you know what that means? That's called engagement on your posts.  I can't wait to see what glitter color you went with! Check the 1st and 2nd images for the brush sizes in this set. 
  • Short Wood Handles 5.5" - Orange and White standard short artist brush handles.
  • Multi Media - Good for most paint media: Acrylic-Watercolor-Oils-Tempura.
  • Synthetic - PRO quality blended diameter grey synthetic performs. Very good paint holding capacity and is firmer for great detail. .
  • Snap and Spring -  Excellent control with good color holding capacity and razor sharp edges.
  • Brush Length - Total brush length around 7".
  • Overall Quality Rating - PRO

You pick glitter color to be applied to set. Only one color per set. Each set is made to order. Expect two week turnaround. These are perfect for gifts or just for you! I would love to see a rainbow of sets. Plus, you can never have too many paint brushes! #truestory 

Media pictures are showing all the different color options but may be displayed on a different style brush head. The pictures are to let you see what it looks like on a brush.