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Crystal Clear Glass (Silver backed) Rhinestone Paint Brush

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You will stand right out with this amazing sparkly glass rhinestone encrusted paint brush.  Paint Brush featured is a 1" Super Soft Mop Paint brush. Blow your audience away and create conversation on your thread with these beautiful scroll-stopping paint brushes. Your followers will ask "Where did you get that brush?" or say "OMG I love your brush". This will only help your algorithm-no doubt!

Featured is a mix of smaller glass rhinestones - each placed by hand with the strongest glue out there. Hand wash gently. Waterproof. 

Each brush is made to order. Allow at least 1 week processing time before shipping.

New Brush styles available soon! If you see a brush style you like in the shop from a different collection, let me know and I will see if that brush is available.