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Hummingbird 3/4" Flat Brush - Collector Art Piece Paint Brush

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I was stumbling through the same crafty isles that I found all the pretty brooches in and I found this eye-catching Rhinestone hummingbird brooch. I grabbed it knowing it was going to be on a paint brush. This cute hummingbird is about the size of a half-dollar.

This 3/4" flat brush is painted black to start and carved out a tunnel for the back side of the hummingbird brooch to sit into. It was uv resin'd to stay put and then I used pretty mermaid teal/blue glitter on the top and resin turned the brush to make it nice and shiny. It is a little heavy but very beautiful. This will make your followers stop the scroll. 

Honestly, I want to keep it! It is so pretty and I can NOT put it down. (like all my other ones - let's be honest). I like to look at it from across the room then wanting to use it on a painting but then realizing that I can't because I want you to have it. 

P.S. There is not another paint brush like this  in the world. Not even kidding. 

This brush is fully functional as a paint brush. Yes, you can use it. If you get paint on the handle part, just wipe it off with magic wipes. Done. restored back to its glory. Ugh, I can't with this paint brush. 

Tip: Did you know that if your bristles get stiff with paint, you can boil the bristles of the brush for a few seconds to minutes to restore them? You're welcome! 

I hope you love it, I hope you play with it, I hope you use it! Please tag @paintbrushlady on tiktok and @muralsandmorebyjamieconnor on insta. Luv you guys!