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Lisa Frank Pop-It 3" Chip Brush - Collector Art Piece Paint Brush

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When I grew up, I was all about some Lisa Frank. I had all the folders, pencils and pencil cases. I would have died to have this brush. 

Now with fidget toys becoming all the new thing, I thought "hmmmm, I know there has got to be a way to combine these two amazing things" Turns out. I did! There is a single bright pink functioning pop-it placed in the center of a 3" Chip brush that is brightly colored in Lisa Frank Style with the classic leopard print in black. Resin turned to make it nice and shiny! 

Honestly, I want to keep it! It is so pretty and I can NOT put it down. I like to look at it from across the room then when I am holding it, I obviously play with the pop-it that is inside. 

P.S. There is not another paint brush like this  in the world. Not even kidding. 

This brush is fully functional as a paint brush. Yes, you can use it. If you get paint on the pop-it part or handle part, just wipe it off with magic wipes. Done. restored back to its glory. Ugh, I can't with this paint brush. 

I hope you love it, I hope you play with it, I hope you use it! Please tag @paintbrushlady on tiktok and @muralsandmorebyjamieconnor on insta. Luv you guys!