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Set of Five Round/Liner Glitter Paint Brushes - Then select glitter color

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Everyone needs that perfect liner brush. So why not add a little razzle dazzle on your go-to brush? Round / Liner brush sizes range from 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. There's nothing better than finishing your door hanger painting with those crisp black lines. 
  • 5 Short Wood Handles 5"-6" - Lacquered, glued, crimping to brush ferrules for no loose connections. 
  • Multi Media - Good for most paint media: Acrylic-Watercolor-Oils-Tempura.
  • Group Fun - Great for kids-student-senior painting groups.
  • Synthetic - Good quality filament holds paint and is durable.
  • Snap and Spring -  Decent control with good color holding capacity.
  • Economic - Good price but not cheaply made. Strong construction
  • Brush Length - Total brush length around 7" to 8.5" depends on size. 

Choose plain or you pick glitter color to be applied to set. Only one color per set. Each set is made to order. Expect two week turnaround. These are perfect for gifts or just for you! I would love to see a rainbow of sets. Plus, you can never have too many paint brushes! #truestory 

Media pictures are showing all the different color options but may be displayed on a different style brush head. The pictures are to let you see what it looks like on a brush.