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Ursula tentacle 3/4" Flat Brush - Collector Art Piece Paint Brush

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Lets just say, this one will stop the show! This tall drink of sea water will get all your creative juices flowing. This purple beauty measures in a 13" tall and 2" wide at the widest part. This 3/4" flat brush was wrapped in an air drying clay and and has sculpted suction cups out of the clay as well. Once dried, it was painted a color changing purple/teal to mimic ursulas tentacles. I had to add an extra chunky fuchsia glitter on the hand hold for a pop of AMAZING! 

Ursula was resin turned several times to become nice and smooth. It is fairly light as well. I like to look at it from across the room then wanting to use it on a painting but then realizing that I can't because I want you to have it. 

P.S. There is not another paint brush like this  in the world. Not even kidding. Again.

This brush is fully functional as a paint brush. Yes, you can use it. If you get paint on the handle part, just wipe it off with magic wipes. Done. restored back to its glory. If you drop it on the ground, I do have a fear of the clay spiral end possibly popping off. The brush itself will always be functional. Just um, maybe don't drop this one. LOL 

Tip: Did you know that if your bristles get stiff with paint, you can boil the bristles of the brush for a few seconds to minutes to restore them? You're welcome! 

I hope you love it, I hope you play with it, I hope you use it! Please tag @paintbrushlady on tiktok and @muralsandmorebyjamieconnor on insta. Luv you guys!