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Ursula painted on the new ursula glitter color. 3" Chip Brush - Collector Art Piece Paint Brush

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Disney villains, am I right? Ursula is hand painted on the new and improved "ursula" glitter color that is coming soon.  She's painted on a 3" chip brush and turned in resin for that nice shiny glow.  

P.S. There is not another paint brush like this  in the world. Not even kidding. 

This brush is fully functional as a paint brush. Yes, you can use it. If you get paint on the painting part or handle part, just wipe it off with magic wipes. Done. restored back to its glory. Ugh, I can't with this paint brush. 

I hope you love it, I hope you are inspired by it, I hope you use it! Please tag @paintbrushlady on tiktok and @muralsandmorebyjamieconnor on insta. Luv you guys!